Synology NAS for NVR

We’re looking to switch our NVR over to a Synology NAS. Any of our partners here deal with Synology products? Looking to buy a couple RS3617xs units.

I’ll check if I can get those for ya.

If it’s the same NVR software that was on the smaller ones I wasn’t too impressed. The interface was kind of clunky for what we wanted.

The licensing was fairly expensive from what I recall. I believe you get 2 camera’s for free (my home unit DS413 is currently using 2) and then pay per camera after that.

In my opinion its not really setup for anything outside of home use or a handful of camera’s and would rather use something like Blue IRIS that has more features and camera support.

*Ubiquiti is definitely my favorite at the moment, love the software and the camera’s!

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