SurveyMonkey Alternative?

Is anybody using an online survey tool other than SurveyMonkey that they really like? We like SurveyMonkey but they are getting a little too expensive as we add more users to the account.

We use survey monkey for specific all congregation surveys. Then we use Gravity Forms that integrates with our CHmS for other purposes and some smaller surveys. Helps us limit the users and cost, but obviously not as user friendly and a little more work adopted by IT Staff.

If you are a 365 church, Microsoft Forms is pretty good. And included free.

We use a Synology server in our organisation, which comes with the option to install the free OpenSource LimeSurvey software. If you look here: Pricing - LimeSurvey - Easy online survey tool, you can use their free online version if your response requirements are small, or do what we did and invest in the Synology and get LimeSurvey completely free.

Plus one for Microsoft Forms if you use Microsoft 365 in your organization.

I’ve converted all forms from Formstack and Qualtrics over to CognitoForms. The solution is very cost friendly and powerful. The conditionals and data validation is impressive.

Google Forms has improved much over the years.

If you use Google Apps or M365, both have decent forms to pull from. For us, we’re an M365 shop and our ChMS (Ministry Platform) also has custom forms that we can embed on our website, so we typically use MP forms for the majority of surveys and occasionally will use Microsoft Forms although not often. has a good non-profit price plan. :slight_smile: Very easy to use forms platform.