Surface Pro Shopping

A couple of our staff have decided that they would like to try a Surface Pro this time around instead of a traditional laptop computer. Any advice on the best place to purchase?

Any thoughts on whether the extended warranty is worth it or not?

Have any of you had a Surface Pro long enough to need a battery replaced? How did you handle that?

My best experience is direct from the Microsoft store.

I agree. Direct from the MS store. I’ve found it has minimal, if any bloatware ordering directly from the MS Store. I can’t comment on the Surface Pro battery as we haven’t ordered any yet just previous models.

We got a Surface Pro 3 through CCB Technology. I think it came with a type pad and dock for free (might have been a promo). I don’t think the user using it ever takes it out of the dock though.

I too would recommend the MS Store and battery life is decent. I haven’t had to replace any. I personally don’t feel an extended warranty is necessary, but that might be a per-user decision.

Are you talking about a Surface 3? I thought they just announced the second Surface Pro.

They just announced the second Surface Book and forth Surface Pro.

That’s right. Their very close names got me!

From the direct store, yes.

If you are looking for a larger purchase down the road, and your organization leases tech, you should also reach out directly to Microsoft to discuss the technology as a service (TaaS) Surface Membership plans.

Sorry to be so late on this discussion. We have 4 in circulation. Surface 2RT, two Surface 3 Pro and Surface 4 pro.
We bought the 2 and the 3s at BestBuy and the Surface 4 pro from Tom Templin at It was cheaper with Tom Templin, plus I don;t have to hassle with tax exempt stuff since we have an account with them.
As for batteries, no replacement so far. From the videos, I have watched, it is very difficult task. I can also tell you that the Surface 4 Pro battery usage time is much less than 3. They were suppose to fix that issue with some patch, but I don’t see any difference.

They are $200 off at Costco right now.