Stickier 3x4 labels

Anyone have a label supplier with good prices and that stick good?

I used to use for some Brother labels with cutters and they were great. Now we use GoDex printers with perforated 3x4 label rolls and Doberman doesn’t seem to have that size. We’re currently using these: They’re a nice price but I’ve received complaints that they don’t stay on kids.

We haven’t had any issues with using perforated labels, like I’ve heard others have. So, we don’t want to change out the printers or the size.

We just ordered labels from Wedge. They advertise that they stick better and have a money back guarantee. We’re crossing our fingers!

Yes, that’s who we recommend as well -

Just a honest note about labels being sticky, The line is very tight for this, it has to do with something called a tactile additive, too much and we get damaged clothing complaints, too little and they wont stick at all. we try to run the line as close as possible to keep everyone happy, Often when they stick really really well, the damage follows …