Staff Portal - Sharepoint or ???

Building a staff portal but need dynamic live integration of Office 365 Church Wide and Campus calendars. Sharepoint seems like a good default but has anyone used Eklessia or any other pre-built, template based platforms?

If you plan to use Azure Information Protection (RMS) in the future, it would be good to keep all the documents within Sharepoint for maximum integration.

What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)? It allows the organisation to protect most documents including emails by user credentials instead of passwords. If the staff leaves the organisation, once the AD credentials are revoked, the work documents using AIP will all be inaccessible (to staff who have left) even if they are moved out of the office. Also prevents sensitive emails from being forwarded.

I don’t mean to hijack the topic and I may be asking a totally stupid question but why would you want to make a user’s documents inaccessible? Wouldn’t the next person in the position need them to continue the work of the ministry or department? Maybe I’m taking “inaccessible” too literally?

As for the question of using Sharepoint…It’s free. The search is phenomenal. It’s integrated tightly with all of the o365 applications including flow. It makes collaboration across the miles possible. It’s been around for a long, long time. It would be a no-brainer for me. We have had one department on it totally without complaint for years. The rest still use our local file server but I will re-evaluate that as the hardware ages. Going back to the department that uses it remotely, one of the employees works in a remote locale with sometimes spotty internet. Because of the sync, she’s never without her docs.

The file only becomes inaccessible to the user who has left. If a new user joins or takes over the role and is granted permission to the file then they would have access. In this instance it’s about controlling the data once it has left your organisation and being able to revoke access to a copy of a file even though it is no longer in your possession.

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Iain, well said. :slight_smile:

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