Solutions for 4K presentations(budget solution)

Dear all,

We are a small church at the beginnings and we have two large TV as displays.
What kind of solutions do you use for small ranges and long ranges regarding 4K presentations?

  1. Cable is really the best solution?
  2. Wireless technology is sustainable?

Presentation computer and displays are at 10-20 meters away since we are a small church.

In our smaller multi-purpose rooms, I just use HDMI cable to run from computer to our TVs we have mounted on the wall. It gives us a clear excellent picture and reliability. For me I like the the reliability of hard wired connections. I use a powered HDMI distribution box to send our Front of the House signal to the two TVs we have in the front of the room and am very pleased with the results.

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Iā€™d run it wired if possible, tends to be the most straightforward and reliable way to do it. HDCP 2.2 handshakes for 4K can be hit or miss at longer lengths (yeah, 10 to 20 meters is considered in the long category for HDMI) so either bring in an expert or, if you plan to DIY, get good quality cables (there are regular and fiber-optic HDMI cables designed for your situation somewhere around 150~350 a pop). If you have lousy wires you can end up with the devices not recognizing each other as 4K capable so they will only offer lower resolutions.

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@Bill Bennett do you see any differences between a traditional cable and powered distribution box?
Are there any signal losses ?

We actually the traditional coax throughout the church to show our service in the sanctuary. I upgraded it in the past couple of years to 4K. It looks good, but I think the direct HDMI connection is better. The reason that I went with a powered HDMI distribution is that I had to use a special signal boosting HDMI cable to be able to go the distance I needed. The power distribution gives me enough of a signal boost along with the cable to make the distance without any problems.

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Thank you @Bill!
Also what other solutions do you all use for your LED screens for signal transmissions from PC to SCREENS?

In the Sanctuary because of the long run we convert the signal to a digital signal we can send over CAT5 and convert it back at the projectors we have in the sanctuary. This gives us a good signal that can go over longer runs.

What equipments do you use to send it over ethernet?