Slide show with music for web - simple multimedia project

One of our parishes would like a quick slideshow for their website. He wants 2 or 3 pictures and some text with music in the background. I’m going to build it in Pinnacle studio because I know it and he wants it up by Holy Thursday. Going forward I’d like to be able to recommend an online tool parish staff could use to create their own multimedia shows. I know macs have movie maker but most of the parishes have PCs. And, it would have to be easy to use. Although, I am happy to teach them how to use it. The parish probably has PowerPoint but I’ve never really figured out an easy way to get that onto a website. Any ideas would be appreciated

One of Windows 10 best kept secrets is its video editor. Oddly enough it is in the “Photos” program. It is no iMovie, but can do a lot.

This may be an option for them.