Siemens Server to Cloud base VM

All experts!
I need a solution or suggestion for Siemens (Desigo CC) server. I am in the final stage where I will be in a server-free environment in my network if I can move this Siemens server online (cloud). This server communicates to all AC/Heating controllers in the buildings and it has to be Windows 2019 with SQL express installed and need to communicate to our local network where the controllers (IP based) are installed. Any provider suggestions?

I would start with a conversation with the people who implemented it. I’d be surprised if it’s at all affordable by the time you build out the appropriate VPN tunnels, segmentation and security, and dealing with the protocols and whatnot that aren’t designed for the cloud on top of whatever oddball network limitations your chosen cloud provider has or deploying gateways to bridge that gap.

I agree with Alex on this.

Just buy a new (low-end) server (with 7 years of warranty on it), stick it in a rack on the air gapped building management VLAN, and let it live out it’s days supported by your building management vendor.

Building management systems shouldn’t need connection to our typical corporate IT network/VLANs, nor should they be connected to the internet. So long as this is true for you, then you can think of it more as an appliance to be ignored than part of your corporate network.

If it needs to be connected to your network or internet - you still keep it on-prem, but we are going to spend a bunch of money to slave it to our modern identity system, ensure we keep the building mgmt network for-all-practical-purposes isolated outside some very established access channels, and retain our vendor to provide continuous software and firmware updates - up to and including regularly replacing depreciated-yet-working hardware where that hardware is in any conceivable way accessible to or from wider network or internet.

Thanks for the reply, I agree Alex and Karl. If I wouldn’t want to remove the physical server onsite, I wouldn’t think about this. It is my three years project that I’ve been working and I am 90% complete. It seems my task is a lot easier so far after most of the servers are removed.

Update on this, I end up choosing Azure VM with networking since they are offering $3500 grand a year. Thanks to Enable Ministry come up with the solution. But I also like the V2 Cloud solution I found this while I was research on this project. They are far more simple to operate and their supports are great! The supporting site to site VPN. Here is a spec I tested: I tested for 7 days for a trial.
8CPUs, 32GB Mem, 40G Storage $420 + 100GB extended storage $22 + 87GB additional storage $19. 57. Windows 2019. Their reliability is still in question since I’ve not used it long enough. IT personal like me, who handles six campuses alone and don’t have much time to troubleshooting and learning new environment (like Azure), this is perfect. Did I say their support is great?

Well I certainly wish you luck in this project, and hope you report back with success in a few months. It’s certainly a popular goal to try and eliminate on-prem servers.