Shelby Systems Price Increases

So we got the following email this week from Shelby.

"The technology industry changes rapidly, and Shelby Systems continues to adapt to meet the needs of our churches and ministries. We’re offering more and better services all the time. As such, from time to time it is necessary for us to review and update the contracts including our Terms and Conditions (T&C) that govern the use of our software to account for those changes.

Due to these changes, Shelby has recently updated several things which I need to notify you about. First, Shelby has updated the contract to a new digital eSign process which is easier and faster to complete on your PC, phone or tablet. Second, Shelby has updated the Terms and Conditions from six (6) pages down to a more efficient one (1) page document. And finally, Shelby has made some pricing adjustments on several of our products. The good news is I am able to honor the pricing in the existing contract if the new updated eSign contract with the new T&C and existing pricing is received back to Shelby no later than June 30, 2018.

Benefits to you
• Stable Billing: The new Terms and Conditions billing locks in your existing contract rate for 12 months based on the starting record count. No more monthly adjustments according to your record count. The new billing is based on annual adjustments based on record count at that time. We’ll lock in your existing contract rate for 12 months if we have a new eSignature document in by May 31, 2018.
• More Messaging Units: If you are purchasing our Total Ministry Package by May 31, 2018, we will add an additional 500 Message units to your Messaging package (equates to an additional 500 Voice or 1000 Text Messages).

So here is what we need to do
Please contact me at your earliest convenience. If we are able to arrange the delivery and receive the new contract back no later than June 30, 2018, we will honor the existing pricing in our new eSign contract. After June 30, 2018, Shelby will update all existing contracts to the new eSign document which would also include our new pricing. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can arrange delivery of the new digital eSign contract and new Terms and Conditions."

Needless to say, we’re not thrilled.

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Seems like they’re offering you the same price if you sign up now, what’s not thrilling? Also, most subscription stuff updates their pricing on a regular basis. The good ones do it without doubling your price…

Any products Ministry Brands owns (including Shelby) are in a state of flux right now, with some being discontinued. Our school had to change accounting software for that reason. Most Ministry Brand owned products are being migrated to Elexio, which appears to be the system of choice among the Ministry Brand products.

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