SharePoint Communication Site doesn't show up

So one of our staff created a new O365 SharePoint Communication Site. It’s wasn’t built from an O365 group. The thing is it doesn’t show up when you go to the main Sharepoint site (the one that shows all the existing sharepoint sites). I can get to it obviously from teh SharePoint admin site. Why doesn’t it show up?

I am not an Office 365 expert, so take what I say with that in mind. If you want the SharePoint site to show up on the main SharePoint site the easiest way I have found is on the site, check the 'Following" button. It will then show up under Following on the main site.

yup i understand that but in order for you to follow it it has to be visible beforehand. and it’s not.

Has the person who wants to get to the site been invited, given permission to access the site. Usually when that is done the person gets an email with a hyperlink to access the site. He/she can then click on “Follow” once at the site. Make sure they are already signed into Office 365 before clicking on the link, it just makes it easier.

Got it. Thanks. That make sense.