Sharepoint - Church leadership users

We have been moving our staff to Sharepoint Online for team files, etc. Our Soul Care and Children’s Ministries are using Sharepoint and sharing documents with counselors and teachers effectively with the counselors and teachers being external users.

Our Elders currently use Basecamp, but, are not happy with file storage/retrieval among other things. Since we’re already using Sharepoint Online, we’ve suggested that. We have a separate site collection for Elders. Now the question is: Do we share the site with them as External Users or should we create internal user accounts for them. Any thoughts?


I’d just create new internal users. I like to keep all internal church communication internal. Don’t need some elders aol or yahoo email getting hacked (which seems to happen all the time).

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I agree with @JeremyGood. We did the same thing, we moved from an old forum for our elders to SharePoint and it is much better! Our Elders currently just have an email through office365 and not an AD account.