Setting Static IP for Sonitrol Security Panel

I’m having trouble setting a functional static IP address for our new Sonitrol security panel. The panel accepts user input without trouble - IP address, subnet mask, default gateway: no trouble. However, when testing for communication with Sonitrol’s office while connected to our network, the connection fails.

Successful communication between panel and office:

  • Connecting the panel directly to the Comcast modem with static IP set to our public IP.
  • Setting the panel to DHCP on our side of our security appliance (Cisco Meraki MX80).

The ports Sonitrol listed as necessary have been allowed, denied, and reallowed (6100, 7002, 7003, 9000, 11000, 11250, 11500, and 50000-60000) both individually and collectively. Every available protocol has been individually attempted (TCP, UDP, ICMP).

At the moment, I’m out of ideas for troubleshooting. Any ideas, anyone?

Also, even though I have learned a lot I’m still fairly new to network administration, so when you answer please include either further explanation or reference links so that I can understand what you recommend. Thanks!