Setting Office 365 Documents to Read-Only

We have several O365 documents that are accessible to all staff and are sync’d to their local computers. the problem is that these documents should be read-only so that Staff can’t make changes. I’m unclear on how to fix this. If i set the doc to RO in Sharepoint i suspect those perms aren’t sync’d with OneDrive.

In the Sharepoint Admin console you can set the master sharing levels for the organization. I particularly like the feature that auto expires open ended shares. Of course, none of this prevents end users from copying the data and recreating documents inside their own file system.

Synced files should receive the same permissions as their online counterpart. Check the original file’s share permissions. I’ve found files that were “restricted” but still retained an open share link, so restrictions depended on how you accessed the file.

Thank you for this info. yes, i did a little more testing and figured out that OneDrive does maintain read-only perms. it displays a little lock icon in the status field.