Server 2012 Help! Only boots into Safe Mode

I have a Server 2012 VM that is our domain controller. I rebooted because it had some updates that required a reboot.

However, something goes wrong and it says it is shutting down all the services and then boots into Safe Mode. Rebooting just has the same results.

Any ideas what I can do in safe mode to get this thing back up?

I have a Veeam backup from this morning, but I am afraid it will result in the same thing as it needed the reboot before the backup was taken.

Please help!!

Here is the process that happens…

Boot Server
Preparing to configure Windows
Failure configuring Windows update, Reverting changes
Notifying services Windows is shutting down
Stopping services
Comes up in Safe Mode

I tried Veeam restore. Sure enough same problem.

I have tried uninstalling updates through November and it it still doing it. Unless I hear from someone else here I will keep uninstalling updates.

Just rebooted. Same problem. All the updates I uninstalled are showed installed again. How do I keep them from reinstalling?

Finally got this figured out.

Ran msconfig
Unchecked Safe Boot on the boot.ini menu

Everything booted up fine. Not sure why this happened but glad it is not anymore.

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