Servant Keeper / Mailchimp Integration

My church has been using Servant Keeper (SK) for the past 3 years and currently sends bulk emails to our congregation through SKNotify. I am looking at switching to Mailchimp for our email campaigns in order to have a more professional, easy to read format. I have successfully connected Servant Keeper to Mailchimp and have passed contacts and updates from one to the other.

I’m struggling with translating SK Groups into Mailchimp audiences, groups, and tags. Our SKNotify mailing lists are based on the smart groups created in SK. When I send an SK Group to Mailchimp, it creates a new audience. The number of audiences in a Mailchimp subscription are very limited compared to the number of groups allowed in SK.

I’m searching for another church that uses Servant Keeper integrated with Mailchimp. I’d like to understand how you manage contacts.