Secure communications for foreign missionaries

So, hypothetically speaking, a church with which I am familiar may be sending missionaries to dangerous places. Said church would like to come up with a way to securely communicate with them and give them an option for unmonitored internet access. I’m not a security guy on that kind of level, so I wondered if any of you have ever worked through this type of situation before or have any ideas for securing traffic from inside countries with tight state controls and monitoring on internet usage and access.

sounds like the technology solution has been implemented? perhaps this is what they chose / an aditional option

We’ve set people up with US based VPN providers, such as Private Internet Access, and trained them in the use of TrueCrypt.

I"ve worked with Fady for more than a decade - he serves ministries in the Middle East and North Africa with high security security in mind. He’d be an excellent resource: