Screen Cast conference rooms

Does anybody have a screen casting solution they like for conferencer rooms? We’ve tried AirServer which works most of the time but not well and we’re doing a demo of Ditto (AirSquirrles) and aren’t super impressed with that either.

Basically having the ability to have someone staff or guest and be able to cast to the screen very easily.

We love the AirTame devices for this. We always do Ethernet adapter for staff network connection and then bridge wireless radios to guest WiFi so it provides a very scalable and secure option that works across all platforms.

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How is it cost wise? I think I’ve looked in to those in the past but was turned away by the cost…

If Airtame is too expensive then you probably are looking at Chromecasts or
vanilla HDMI cables.

AirTames run $400. I wouldn’t call them cheap by any measure, but if you want an all-in-one solution that will check every single box for every platform and security concern, then you’re not going to find a cheap device. As Alex said, other “point solutions” absolutely exist to solve some of these challenges, but not all of them (at least in the same turnkey type solution). We have plenty of clients using AppleTv and/or Chromecast devices as they were OK with the tradeoffs given the pricing. Just depends on your real need and scope of impact.

Is that a one time cost? Also does it bring in the screen share on to a computer? I like that method for screen sharing during meetings etc. I know people can just join the teams meeting and screen share but sometimes this method is easier for users to understand… Thanks guys for your input :slight_smile:

Yes, one time cost. I don’t understand your question on bringing screen share to the computer. This works like your AirServer or an AppleTv or Chromecast device. It’s an ‘appliance’ connected via HDMI to the TV. It nobody is ‘connected’ to it, you can have it show instructions to users on how to connect (there are apps, or it also supports AirPlay natively).

ok - the AirServer product we use is installed on our conference room computers. So when users cast their screens (via airplay or miracast) it appears as a window on the conference room computer so there’s no switching inputs on the TVs. This allows them to share their external displays in the active meeting on the conference PC when they do the builtin screensharing in Teams. I hope that makes sense :crazy_face:

AirTame is a hardware device with a single HDMI output. So it’s not going to run in a ‘window’ on an existing PC. So you may have to look at a different setup either adding another TV, or using a Teams Room System with multiple inputs (preferred option, but pricey), or dealing with input switching (there are devices that give users basic push-button controls for this).

Cool - the teams room system does intrigue me but I am trying to do this with little cost. The AirServer thing is perfect if it would just work all the time. Maybe I can just work on ways to get it to perform optimally on a consistent basis.

We recently moved a lot of our services to zoom (zoom meet with zoom rooms, zoom phone, and zoom chat)

The zoom rooms come with a screen sharing feature. We installed tv screens, web cams, speakers, and tablets in each room. The tablets can be used to screen share or if the person has zoom on their phone they can just enter the code on the screen.

We have had least two users who are borderline luddites and even they said it was easy to setup, so I consider that a win.

Great point Kevin. The Zoom Room solution is very similar to the Teams Room solution. We have clients using both. The real advantage of Teams Rooms comes in for organizations already using or planning to use Teams.