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Does anyone use or have any suggestions to use for online classroom software that is free or cheap for non-profits? Several of our ministries want to provide on-line training and be able to invite “students” into a classroom and watch videos, complete assignments, etc. I looked into Google Classroom since we use Google, but it looks like you can’t use for external domains unless they are also using GSuite (and can’t be personal GMail account). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have an existing domain, running on a LAMP or WAMP platform, you can create a subdomain of say and install Moodle ( This is an OpenSource web application for running online teaching material.

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Lot’s of schools use Google Apps for non-profits. They include lots of classroom features.

I would like to use Google classroom, but doesn’t look like you invite
external users (members in my case) that use Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Seems the
other person also has to be a GSuite user the best I can tell.

Possibly a Moodle setup or Edmodo. GSuite that schools use is not usually available for churches or non profits due to the requirements in areas we do not support. GSuite for schools does not have that restriction.
Anyone using Office 365 has some of the Classroom type features built in.

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If you’re going purely virtual classroom, then maybe any of the major screencast platforms will. Teamviewer has a meetings option, Skype/teams can do broadcasts, gotomeeting has a webinar option and there’s always webex.