Saving Office File in OneDrive

I am having an issue whenever I do a Save As with an office file (Word, Excel, etc) to a local OneDrive synced folder, it goes VERY slow and keeping popping up a box that says “Processing”.

Just saving a file (that is already there) is instant.

This seems to be a new issue for me. Any ideas?

Are you using the most up-to-date copy of OneDrive for Business?

Maybe stop syncing and then go through the steps to re-sync the folder?

Is there somewhere that tells you what the latest version is? A quick google search has not shown me anywhere to see it.

Good question. I only know I have the most up-to-date version because I was having issues and Microsoft support and they told me what to download and where to download it.

I’m running 17.3.5951.0827 but I’ll bet that’s an older version. I see I installed it in March of 2016.

I am on 17.3.7131.1115.

What is weird, I have a memory of having this problem before and a Google search solved it for me. Now, I cannot find anything.