Sanctuary projector recommendations/Could we borrow for short time?

I have a few projector questions:

  1. We have two large projectors in our sanctuary that are 16 years old. One has bit the dust and the other is about to. We are looking into options to either replace them or maybe get an LED screen. What is everyone using and what type/brands do you recommend?

  2. We’re also in the process of reconfiguring our sanctuary so we were hoping not to make this big decision just yet. Has anyone had success with a short throw projector or are there any churches in the Northern Virginia area that have a spare solution we could borrow?

Thanks for your help!

Specific model recommendations would depend on the specific environment they need to work in. Since you’re considering reconfiguring the room, if you need a high end projector I’d be sure to get one with replaceable lenses so that they can be adapted to the new configuration.

If you just need something to get you through for a while, the midrange units from Epson really have a good performance per dollar. An LED wall is a pretty huge investment, so I’d only go that route once you’re solid on how the room will be configured and you’re certain that’s something you will be happy with for a very long time.

Short throw projectors do work, but have trade-offs with cost, image quality and brightness. I avoid actively designing in a way that requires them, but if they are the only viable solution they do exist and do generally work.