Sage Intacct implementation

Hey friends!

We are currently using Quickbooks Online and considering implementing Sage Intacct in 2020. Our implementation partner is proposing roughly 2x the undiscounted annual subscription cost. Does that sound reasonable?

Also, has anyone requested quotes from multiple Sage Intacct implementation vendors?

Any feedback or experience would be helpful and appreciated.


Many churches use Act Two.

Steve, I can vouch for AcctTwo as well. I used them to transition from QBO to Intacct at Glorieta Camps and have worked with several churches that used them and were happy and one who didn’t and wishes they did. Implementation can easily hit $30k.

I’m not sure you can get quotes from multiple Intacct vendors since Intacct’s deal with their vendors is that once a vendor has quoted, you’re stuck with that vendor. (actually semi stuck - you can change, but only if you really press)

The proposed 2x cost for implementing Sage Intacct, compared to the annual subscription, may be reasonable depending on the scope of implementation, customization needs, and data migration complexity; consider obtaining quotes from multiple vendors for comparison.

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