Room/Resource reservation....but for external/public

Curious what folks are using/recommend for a platform that allows external/people/community to book reserve rooms/spaces and resources within your building. That would also allow for some cost/fees to be displayed for said usage.

Neil, we’ve never even considered doing this. Churches can only make their facilities available to other nonprofits. Doing otherwise you can lose your nonprofit status. I know of no reservation systems that can verify the nonprofit status and most of the public is not aware of this limitation.

I don’t believe there’s any such specific restriction in all states, but your tax and legal teams should be involved in the conversation for sure as there are Federal tax implications to renting out space (you likely have to pay income tax on it).

Exclusion of Rent from Real Property from Unrelated Business Taxable Income | Internal Revenue Service

Once you understand how complex your requirements are, then it’s time to start evaluating solutions. I imagine at the very least you’d like some method of approving the booking manually.