Roku/Fire TV channels

We have been streaming using wowza for a while now and are close to releasing our church app, finally, so now the “natural” next request is to look into channels for Roku/Apple TV/ Fire TV. Anyone have wisdom on cost, pitfalls, how to’s.

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The quick, free and simple way is to use Roku Direct Publisher.

So that you do not need to code the app which can be a challenge to maintain.

If you want to use the SDK version but not code you can consider

We used to use Wowza to transcode. After trying a few different streaming providers, we chose SteamMonkey, for a number of different reasons, one being that they develop a channel for you for Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire. We use Makito Xs and AJA Helos as our encoders and then use StreamMonkey to transcode and distribute. More expensive than using Wowza but a much simpler environment with a very high quality consistent output. We have been very happy with them.