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Hey everyone! We are probably about to start the process of evaluating our ChMS… so that I have some ammo for my SLT… is there anyone out there that has partnered with someone like Sparkability, BEMA, RMR, etc that can share some experiences? Basically, we do not have the staff to build and manage a self-hosted solution, but I don’t want to completely throw Rock RMS out of the running when they have partners that we can work with. Thanks in advance!

At RX2018 in August they announced a forthcoming RockCloud service that will basically provide turnkey hosting for churches that don’t want to or can’t tackle it themselves. This is probably your best route… the Rock partners are fantastic, but none are providing hosting and will just help you get set up (and possibly maintain) your own hosting in Azure or wherever. You can learn about Rock Cloud here The State of Rock | V2 Rock RMS (start watching around the 41:35 mark if you don’t want to watch the whole thing… but you probably want to watch the whole thing :wink:

That said, you will still likely want to join up with a partner certainly for migration, but possibly for ongoing support. If you want to know more you should join the Rock Slack via


I would also throw in the partners:

  • Divine Technology Systems
  • Kingdom First Solutions
  • Pillars

To echo what Jim said, Rock Slack is a great place to drum up feedback on Rock partners. Also, you could find specific help by looking in the channels: “#former-f1”, “#former-ccb”, “#former-arena”, etc.

One factor in choosing a partner is how well-versed they are in migrating data from an old ChMS to Rock.

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