Rock Implementation timeline

(Jeff Bush) #1

Does anyone have a good timeline and or Gantt Chart for their Rock implementation? Including the Steps and type of technical expertise for each step. We’re getting ready to propose to our Executive Team and they like specifics… Thanks!

(Shawn Ross) #2

I am working on developing a ‘ChMS Switch timeline’ for us so I’m in a similar boat.

I found Tom Powers presentation from RX2016 helpful. With an RX2016 Subscription you can see his powerpoint and watch his presentation (covering stuff like talking w/ Executive Team)

(Dave Mackey) #3

I’d be interested in seeing this as well, if anyone has one they can share.

(Jeff Bush) #4

Yes, I’ve seen the Tom Powers Presentation and that was great. That was what originally got me excited about seeing what others have done to compare and contrast.

(Jesse McColm) #5

We are working on a simple timeline right now. I can share it when we are done.