Robodialers voicemail blasters repeaters -- whatever you call them

At one time it was possible to purchase hardware that would dial a list of numbers and deliver a recorded message. Now all I can find are online services. Perhaps I’m not using the right search criteria.

Is anyone aware of hardware we can purchase?

The biggest problem with hardware these days is most people are using SIP trunks and most SIP Trunks don’t permit the use of automatic dialers of any kind.

Nowdays you’d generally expect this functionality to be part of an advanced IVR solution (sometimes called an Outbound IRV), either built into your PBX or trunked into your PBX as additional software. This is because part of the FCC rules for robodialers requires you to have some interactivity for the user to opt out of future calls.

I don’t know of anyone with a still-working hardware solution, but there are still companies that provide this service. The first one I recall is

Not a hardware solution but our Children’s Choirs use a service called Calling Post.

We actually still have a phonetree. No idea if they are still selling them.

I used to use Phone Tree at an old job and worked well.

A lot doctors offices seem to use them to remind patients of visits, so maybe check with one you know who uses it to see if they can help?