RMM or RM category?

Where should a topic about RMM, or even just RM software (Like Nagios) be made?

I’d be super interested in knowing in what ways people are monitoring and taking inventory of their networks. We used InTune for a long while, and it was really cool, but then the free offering went the way of the [insert relevant extinct animal reference here]. Since that, I’ve been using Nagios on a Raspberry Pi 2 to just watch critical services and text me when something serous happens.

I don’t know which category that would be relevant for though. I’d love to do a how-to or something for really basic monitoring that could easily be expanded to additional stuff. Any thoughts?

here are your options under technology: https://forum.churchitnetwork.com/c/tech
Don’t think to hard about where to put it. We can always move it later if helpful :slight_smile:

I am currently evaluating several. We used to use Solarwinds but it is too expensive compared to what else is out there. I am currently evaluating: LibreNMS, Zabbix, PRTG, Observium, and thinking about Nagios. So far I am leaning towards LibreNMS. Can’t beat the price and it has a lot of nice built-in features.

We also use Spiceworks to inventory everything.

Yep; General or Software would be perfectly fine.