RightNow Media Timeout during Sunday mornings

I’ve had a couple of small group leaders who had “issues” trying to play a video from RightNow media during Sunday mornings. One was simply reported as the video loading and only playing for 2 minutes, while the other got a 504 Gateway Timeout Error.

I imagine RightNow Media is hit pretty hard on Sunday and wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same.


We haven’t tried to do that recently with RightNow Media. But generally I discourage this because of what you experienced. We most recently ‘broke the rule’ for the Super Bowl. We jumped through all the hoops to show ‘The Big Game’ using XFinity’s streaming service. Probably had a dozen times the video stream was interrupted–in every case it was interrupted upstream at Xfinity’s service. I know this because while it was billed as a live stream, every time it came back the game picked up where they left off.

The point is even if your site is robust and bulletproof in every way streaming is subject to problems upstream and completely outside of your control.

We advocate downloading the material (following the copyright laws) for viewing during a service or event whenever possible.