Replace Labels on Brother Label Printers

I just purchased a Brother QL-810W to replace a broken Godex we use for MP checkin.
For anyone familiar with the Brothers, how do you remove the sample label roll and put a new 3"X2" roll of labels on them?
If the roll is not meant to come apart, where do you source the labels from?

The plastic spindle with the roll on it lifts straight up out of the printer. It has little coded plastic pins and holes on the bottom (pictured below) so the printer can identify the roll type. You can reuse the spindle as long as the paper type is the same.

I ordered these, and they worked fine. Each roll came with a plastic spindle included. You can also get the cheaper (per roll) kit that requires you to take apart the spindle to replace the roll.


Yea I had to pry apart the demo label roll holder to put a new roll on. Some of the bulk roll kits include a new holder.

Tyler and Joe, thanks for your responses. Sorry for my late reply but I was on vacation for a couple weeks and back in the office now.
I’ll follow up with the information provided.

Joe, do you guys use these for check in? They are definitely shorter than the labels I used in the Godex.

Yeah. We’ve got 7 PC check in stations with Dymos, but our families team wanted to add mobile ipad based check in so we went with two of the Brother QL-820NWB. Those labels I linked above are the ones we’re using right now. I’m trying to get CCB to certify or at least mention the off-brand labels, the Brother branded ones they recommend are much more expensive.

Thanks Joe. I’ll need to print some test tags in Ministry Platform checkin2 to see how they look on the Brother QL-810W we ordered.