Remote Remote Access Into Hyper V

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to set up a Hyper V machine that I can remote into from a different computer than the one it is hosted on. The reason for this is our PR department needs access to an old database that conflicts with newer software. The hose computer is Windows 10 Pro. The OS installed on Hyper-V is Windows 7 Pro, The hose computer does have two network cards if that is needed. I tried Googling it, but the only thing that i could find was remote desktop into a Hyper-V machined installed on the same computer. Any tips or step through will be much appreciated.



RDP into the guest should work fine. If for some reason you need a virtualized “Console” you should be able to install the HyperV tools on the other machine and get that working provided everything is on the same AD network but I’d probably recommend using a remote access tool like VNC or similar that’s built for the purpose.

+1 on RDP, I do it routinely on a VM here at school. It would just be like any other computer one RDP’s into.

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RDP is the usual go-to for this, particularly if the VM and client are domain joined in AD or Samba4 and the client is on-site (you’ll need to make sure that the user is in the right group to allow joining the machine). You’ll probably have noticed that Hyper-V manager tries to fire up RDP sessions when you connect to the client. Other options, with varying degrees of manageability and cost on your end, include NX, Teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, Splashtop, etc. Some RMM tools also include the ability to facilitate connections for to clients; however, that tends to be designed more for granting vendors access. For RDP offsite, consider Guacamole, don’t expose RDP to the internet if at all possible.

Now, there is also a way to connect directly to the VM console, it’s somewhat complicated, but the short of it is RSAT needs to be installed and then you can run c:\Program Files\Hyper-V\vmconnect.exe. If they are a regular user, the VM needs a whole bunch of permissions applied via powershell. To that end, it’s a lot easier to just use the Win7 RDP service.

Have you tried creating a Virtual Switch (Inside Hyper-V Manager) that is connected to your external network adapter then try RDPing into the VM once the VM is reachable from your LAN clients? You would also need to select the correct Virtual Switch option in your VM Settings.

Here is what I am trying to do. I installed Windows 7 Hyper V Virtual Machine called PRDATA Hosted on a Windows 10 machined called BOSS2. I want someone from PRSECRETARY to be able to remote into PRDATA. I can remote into PRDATA from BOSS2, but not from another computer.

If the D-Link is a dedicated NIC for the VM, you shouldn’t need to allow Management OS access to it. Then, as long as it’s connected to a physical switch things should work fine.

To add to what Alex said, make sure you can ping the VM from computers in the network as you are probably dealing with a networking issue rather than a Hyper-V issue. I’ll be honest, I don’t host VMs that people will RDP into from Win 10, I do it from Hyper-V server 2016, Xen, KVM/Proxmox, etc. and I would advise hosting VMs that people need to access on an server OS just as a matter of best practice whenever you can.

I agree with Isaac. Most likely a network issue. Do ensure your VM has the proper IP address from your network DHCP. Is the internet accessible on the VM?

Our current servers are Server 2008 R2. I don’t think the servers can handle the load of running VM’s, since they are already overwhelmed with what they are doing now. We do plan to upgrade our servers next year, so that is why I am trying to do this on a Windows 10 Machine

Yeah, I’m 99% sure I wouldn’t onboard that network without a refresh, there is likely other legacy stuff causing consternation. Did you manage to ping around and weed out potential firewall issues? Is everything on a domain?