Remote Control Software

We currently use LogMeIn for our remote control software. We are quite happy with it and like that you can remote in from anywhere, wake on lan, control from iOS, among other things. The prices recently went up, though, so we are just checking out some other options to see whats out there and what other churches are using. Currently, with 250 licenses LMI’s rate is $1299 for the year for LMI central (with basic features). Does anyone have any recommendations of remote control software and do you think that’s about the going rate for solid remote control software? Thanks!

We use ScreenConnect. We purchased before LabConnect bought them and ruined everything.

Not everything, just how much it costs. And the pricing model.

They have several pricing scenarios. From cloud and self hosting (support, unattended and meetings) to unattended support only. It might be worth checking out if you have less than 30 people using LMI.

Thanks for the suggestion! It actually looks to be much more affordable than LMI and with a very similar structure so we are going to check them out.

Has it been pretty dependable? Easy to manage and set-up?

We are using the self-hosted model. Their support has been very good in the past. They also have a lot of info for setup and customization on their wiki and youtube channel.

I don’t have any experience with the cloud version.

The agent software definitely has a better interface on Windows vs Mac. But the client works well on both OSes.

Hopefully they will move all their UI to the agent window and remove it from the menu bar on macOS.

We use TeamViewer. Never had any issues with it over the past two years.

I liked buying a perpetual license vs an annual one. They can give you a pretty decent non-profit discount plus other incentive discounts.

We recently purchased ScreenConnect and we love it. Works great on both Windows and Mac (minus the recent bug on macs with 2+ screens on 6.0). Pricing is much better than most other solutions out there.

I also recently switched from LMI to ScreenConnect for my side gig.

+1 for TeamViewer. We have been on it a couple years now and haven’t looked back.
We only have 2 IT Admins so it isn’t too costly for us.
A long time ago, we used a Bomgar device and it was super easy to use and point the users to that needed remote support.
It was a separate device but we just couldn’t justify the cost to keep licensing it.

I didn’t know TeamViewer did NPO pricing. Ballpark for a single license?

We don’t have a good RC solution. We were looking at ‘renting’ LabTech licenses from a local MSP. Seems pretty affordable and would allow us to to also manage some policies and enforce an AV. Don’t know that this is a good solution for most people, or even how one would go about finding an MSP that would be willing to lease out some of their licenses, but it’s something to consider. We’d probably pay $8 per endpoint including AV or $5 without.

$1400 for a single license with NPO pricing.

I have used many of the end user paid as well as the Solutions for Managed Service providers - LogMeIn was great but they kept killing me on pricing as we were managing many sites across hundreds of end points on PC and MAC.

Screeconnect is good they were bought by a Service provider that services IT / Managed Service Providers - which is their main focus now

Teamviewer works well

For the paid solution best price point take a look at SPLASHTOP - works really well for price point - has option to put agent on machine to connect to end point and an option that is like $100 a year to be able to offer an option where they download an app that does not require admin rights on end user give you code and within seconds youa re connectd - Same offering from LogmeIn is $800+ a year

We were using ShowMyPC but can’t afford it anymore. Right now we’re testing Skype FOr Business because it comes with our Office 365 subscription. The only problem is when you trigger something that requires administrative access, the screen will go black until the presenter keys in their administrative password. I can live with that.