Recommendations for New Checkin Devices and Printers

We’re on CCB and our current check-in machines are very old as well as the printers. We are in the process of looking for replacements. Looking for feedback and experiences regarding:

  1. Check-in Device: iPad vs computer station and any other device
  2. Printers: GoDex, Zebra or Dymo.

Also, anyone using the PrintHub feature? What has been your experience using it?



We use Dymo printers, and Dell touch screen laptops. You could look at the Dell Education 3190 touch screen 2 in 1 laptops. They could function like tablets but still have local label printer. We use them at our school and find them durable. They come with Win 10 Pro, so will work with a domain.

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Hey Danny!

We have tried a few different approaches for check-in, but are currently using a laptop for manned check in and tablets for self check in. We mount the tablets in our road cases (and on walls/tables for our permanent campuses).

We have had the most success with Dymo printers (LabelWriter 450 Turbo) - they are relatively inexpensive and seem to work well (if they are loaded correctly). We use colored dots to ensure volunteers line up the spool and printer correctly when reloading stock.

I heard of another church (not CCB I think) using fingerprints and I have been intrigued ever since…


Since you are talking about printers, I’m going to make a safe assumption that you do print security tags. We are on CCB as well. Our basic setup is a desktop computer, Elo touchscreen, Honeywell barcode scanner, and Zebra GK420d printers (those I think are being replaced by ZD420d printers). Zebra printers are definitely more expensive than others, but they are rock solid and last YEARS (we still have a plethora of LP-2388Z printers in service).

You can definitely go with the AiO option, looks cleaner on the table, we just like the flexibility of if the computer craps out, that all we have to replace.

The iPads are great if you’re not printing labels, otherwise I DO NOT recommend them, just because it’s a headache to keep things working between the iPads and the printers (at least in our experience).

Great stuff guys! This is very helpful. Do all of you have a dedicated printer for each kiosk or do you use the print hub to share printers between check-ins? Thanks again.

Following, also interested.

Totally agree with Caleb. We have many clients using CCB and other solutions. ipads are great if you’re not printing. But if you’re printing, we recommend looking at Surface Go tablets so you have a full Windows experience to work with but in a tablet form-factor. This also allows for USB-attached printers which are by FAR the most reliable option.
And Zebra printers (in our experience) are worth the added cost due to their reliability and longevity.

And for those manned/assisted checkin stations, we like all-in-one computers too.

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We have a dedicated printer per kiosk. With the crowds that we get, we just haven’t liked the idea of print hubs.

I should have clarified we do have a USB printer at each check in station. We just fold the laptops back so the touch screen is in front, and keyboard behind. They are 14" Dell Latitude, not sure of model. The Dell 3190 Education I mentioned is a Latitude and would work with the printers, just gives a smaller, less expensive option since the unit would just be check in.

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We have a label printer at each check-in station connected via USB.

We have run into performance issues with self check-in using a tablet with CCB’s new check-in software and have rolled everything back to “old check-in.” I hear they are rewriting check-in software again. We are musing about writing our own check-in front end and using their API to have more control over the experience.

I knew they were working out kinks in new checkin but hadn’t heard about possible rewrite again. FWIW, if you’re thinking of doing something else, you might check out Kid Check. I believe they already do CCB integration. I don’t have any first-hand experience but it LOOKS very slick and pretty comprehensive.

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New check in itself works OK for us, the reporting does not, I use old check in for reports that get emailed to security staff and kids leaders each service.

Had not heard about the rewrite, but there have certainly been problems that should have been caught in testing, like the reporting, and the tablet app which requires printer setup to run (defeats the purpose of just carrying around a tablet to look up information).

Thanks for all the replies…this has been so helpful.

We are using windows desktops with touchscreen monitors in our preschool area. All devices have their own Dymo printer for ease of use.

With our kids area we have all-in-one devices with touchscreen. The only thing i have come to find an issue is that some of the all-in-one devices have had their screens cracked when putting away and they therefore no longer are able to do touchscreen. So, going further I would choose either an inexpensive all-in-one or go with separate computer and touchscreen.

Have researched KidCheck but never implemented, I love the idea of doing check-in through an app and then just printing up labels at any release station. I hope CCB moves to something similar as it really makes no sense to have a check-in station at every area for returning families. Everyone already has a device with them all the time, why not put it to use.

A couple of confirmations I just got with CCB:

  1. There is not a complete rewrite in the works, however they are changing the flow.

  2. Old Check-In discontinue has been pushed to May 5th.

Original email from CCB:

There are no current plans for another re-write in our New Check-in feature. The only think that is change that is going to occur is making the flow become a smoother experience. This will not be a drastic change.

We just announced internally that we are pushing the Old Check-in turn off date to **[May 5th]

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We are now using Intel NUCs with Elo Touch Screens and similar Zebras to those mentioned above. We had some cheap Asus Eee Boxes before the NUCs. The Zebras and Elo monitors were the same and just computers swapped out.

We also setup Surface (pre-Surface Go) tablets with WiFi portable Zebra printers and have those for a couple people to just be able to roam around, greet new people, get them checked in, or just to help out if someone looked like they had their hands full or needed help.

We also found some drivers from Seagull Scientific that had some more options that were really helpful for the wireless printers.

Late to this conversation but I found your comment interesting. CCB user here too; I’ve always blamed our issues with the self check-in iPad/Zebra stations on the Zebra printer. Didn’t think about the iPad being the problem. What is the issue?

We use 3 windows laptops w/ the Dymo 450’s for manned stations and they are so reliable. We do use a few of them as print hubs too, it works really well when the Zebra’s (or iPads!) are having issues.

Bluetooth printing is just painful. So it’s not really the iPad or the printer per se. Just the protocol of printing via Bluetooth is not reliable. Maybe iOS bluetooth stack is to blame, but honestly, don’t we all have weird dropouts with bluetooth headsets and mice on phones and computers too? We experience this issue across multiple ChMS systems and multiple brands of printers.

Travis, what are the specs on the Go tablets you recommend for check in?