Recommendations for graphic design sites/forums?

Hi everyone. I know this isn’t a tech question per say but figured I would ask, I do not know if I have posted this to the correct category.

On the side, I do some graphic design for a few nonprofits. I am not great but learn along the way, I use programs like Gimp and have a few websites I visit regularly, such as Canva and deviant art, to name a few.

Does anyone know if there are any reliable and active websites (like here) where I could submit a picture or design for feedback, discuss design content/graphics, etc?

One example is if I find a design of a flyer I like and I want to create something similar but I am not sure exactly how certain things were done, I would like the option to post that flyer and ask the best way to go about mirroring said flyer.

Another example is if I could post work I’ve done in the past and ask for feedback to learn how to design better.

Any help is appreciated.