Recommendations for Bluetooth Mics and/or speakers for classroom and auditorium - good for Zoom

We’re looking for mic/speaker solutions for classrooms and auditorium that integrate with Zoom. Classrooms can have up to 30 people and as large as 20’ x 20’. Auditorium has a capacity of 300, but more importantly we would probably use roaming mics to individuals in the audience in the auditorium. I have seen karaoke sets that seem like they could take care of our auditorium solution (and possibly classrooms too). Any suggestions out there?
If not a given already, the requirement is that the remote people can hear the on-site people well and vice versa.

I’m curious about this as well. In one of our meeting spaces (typically for about 10-25 people), I mounted a “Samson UB1 USB Boundary Microphone” on the ceiling to use with Zoom, and that seems to have worked reasonably well. We have another meeting space that’s larger (typically for about 30-50 people), and I’d like to have a “semi-permanent” setup there similar to the smaller space…

I can’t speak extensively to Zoom (we’re a Teams shop), but it has become abundantly clear that the medium-large rooms are the most difficult–especially if the furniture layout isn’t permanent. For rooms like auditoriums, this is dramatically easier if you have a permanent sound system. The key is making sure that the audio sent to the conference line doesn’t include the audio from the conference line.

For smaller rooms, we use something along the lines of the Jabra 510.

For the medium-large spaces spaces, like you’re describing, our current strategy is the Yealink CP965 with CPW65 expansion microphones–but that’s a good solution for us because the CP965 connects directly to Teams.

We recently installed 2 meeting owl 3’s and paired them together for a larger meeting room. It’s been working pretty well. The only complaint is that it looks like the remote participants are looking down on the room participants.

We’ve opted for the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone for our classrooms. It has 6 mics for omni-direction. It does the job well.