Recommendation for implementation partner for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

We’re planning on moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Any recommendations for implementation partners who work with churches?

Using the MS Partner search tool for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Nonprofit industry I get these:

Nearest to you

I found this company and the Chairman Artis talks about ProclaimCRM. CEO RETIRING FROM INTERDYN ARTIS - ERP Global Insights - Insight and Analysis for the Software and Reseller Community

My suggestion is to meet as many as you can within your time limit to choose one that best fits your requirements. Choosing an ERP vendor is a bit like looking for a life partner. :wink:

Some factors for consideration:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • References
  • Public Complaints
  • Implementation and Support costs
  • Longevity
  • Staff turnover

I personally like to visit their offices to have a better feel who they are by observing their staff, office setup etc.

Important tip: Try to do as much customization as possible using the off the shelf components in Dynamics within Dynamics; this will ensure your future upgrade paths will be seamless and less dependent on your vendors. The more competent Dynamics partners will know how to make Dynamics work off the shelf for you instead of modifying the platform to meet all your needs but making you more dependent on them. Add in the design requirement to allow you to choose other MS vendors in the future.

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