Re-evaluating Antivirus Software

(Roosevelt Leggett Jr.) #1

Currently we are re-evaluating which antivirus software we want to use going forward. We’re always wanting to improve our security. Have any of you used ThirtySeven4? If so, what has been your experience? What other antivirus systems have you used and enjoyed? Throughout the years we’ve used McAfee, Vipre, ESET, and built in Defender. Thanks for your help!!

(Tim Cook) #2

We’ve also used Vipre, and most recently, Sophos. We converted to ThirtySeven4 around a year ago, and we’ve been really happy with it. It’s MUCH cheaper than either of the other 2, and seems to pretty much just do its job invisibly, which I really like. Central management is simple to use and effective. The people have been great to work with.
Anyway, I highly recommend it! Don’t really see any benefits to any of the other companies, and the price can’t be beat.

(Philip Havens) #3

We have been using Webroot since January 2017 on all of our Macs and Windows PCs (only a handful of PCs). Prior to Webroot, we didn’t have any antivirus on our Macs, but used Bitdefender on our PCs. Simple reason we use Webroot now is that the IT managed services company (that we brought in January 2017) that we use bundles it into their support package. For that reason, I can’t comment on what the cost per device is.

(Andy Baker) #4

We’ve used Thirtyseven4 for over 2 years now and have not experienced any major infections. The 1 or 2 issues I’ve experienced and reported to 374 support were resolved quickly.
The web interface is easy to use and policies to exclude scanning certain files/folders on servers or workstations is pretty simple to configure.
I would recommend 374.

(Tim Hollinger) #5

We switched to ThirtySeven4 from Trend Worry Free Business a year or so ago and I’ve been very pleased. I just had my first issues recently with some false positives and they were very quick to respond and change their pattern. I would also recommend them.

(Donald Flanagan) #6

We are using Forefront from Microsoft. Edit to be more precise: we use System Center Endpoint Protection (formerly known as Forefront Endpoint Protection). :slight_smile:

(Greg Brenneman) #7

+1 on Thirtyseven Four

(Nick B Nicholaou) #8

We use and recommend Thirtyseven4.

(Richard A Bergstedt) #9

Our church uses BitDefender. Works well.

(Dave Mackey) #10

Hey Doug - How do you like SC Endpoint Protection?

(Norman Ho) #11

You can try Bitdefender (cloud version). A lot easier to manage and runs without slowly down the PCs or Macs.