Quick Poll - Online Payment & Online Giving

Quick Poll lots of different solutions out there - trying to get feel for a Church we work with on what are the key players for

  1. Online payment
  2. Online Giving
  3. Online registration

Could all be same vendor or multiple -

Who do you like, Who should a church (That does NOT have deep pockets) look at

Appreciate the feedback

We are still using FellowshipOne for registration but are moving over to Stripe for payment processing. They take 2.9% + $0.30 on every transaction (which is almost half what we use now) and have an awesome API and JavaScript plugin for your website.

Securegive has served us well with a kiosk and web.

We used SimpleGive for a couple of years without any major complaints.

We’ve been using tithe.ly for about a year now and we’ve found it much easier for our congregation to use.

Our ChMS (Elvanto) recently added online event registrations with payments, so we use their Stripe and PayPal integrations to accept online payments.

CCB has integration with BluePay or PushPay for online giving and form payments. We are using PushPay app for mobile giving.

  • Greg

SecureGive for us, it has worked well without any problems and the fees are reasonable. We use it on our website/mobile app for giving, we don’t do much on paid event registrations so we haven’t needed that.

We just switched over to pushpay