PushPay and Ministry Platform?

We were complete Shelby v5 customers for many years. Last year, we switched the donations over to PushPay. This year we’re in the process of moving over to Ministry Platform. I’ve heard from both companies how they “integrate” (one side says it will work fine and the other on many ways it “might” cause issues)…

So … I was hoping I could find someone that actually uses both?

Anyone? Bueller?

We used Shelby Arena and went from there to Ministry Platform, and the MP integration with PushPay is light years better than the Arena integration.

I haven’t had issues yet with the PushPay MP integration. When someone donates with PushPay it shows up in MP within a second or two and is associated with the correct donor. I’m not sure how it happens, but it seems to be very reliable.

Our only issues were caused when someone created listings for various ministries but not different funds.

Once MP is integrated with PushPay you can select your MP programs from within fund management.

I’ve got personal opinions about PushPay and MP, but they aren’t really related to this. I will say the decision to go with MP was one of the best we’ve made in years, and integrating the two has been incredibly successful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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