ProPresenter Cloud Sync

Hi All,

We’re opening a second campus amd looking to sync propresenter libraries from the main campus to the satelite. I’ve found that propresenter has a cloud sync service.

I would love to know if anyone is using it and what your experience has been.


  • Andrew

The pricing seemed very high for a fancy S3 bucket.

For that reason, we haven’t done much with the cloud sync. I’ve used local sync successfully over the years.

Hi Will,

Hope you’re doing well and thank you for the reply.

Can you tell me what you’ve used to complete the local sync? - Sorry for the ignorance, but can ProPresenter’s software already manage this or are you using a third-party tool?

Also, what network medium are you using? I’ve got a firewall-based VPN open between the two locations, so I can push data, but with some of the videos, etc. I was concerned that it might be a lot or take quite a bit of time.

My sync experience has been on the LAN with the built-in ProPresenter sync pointed to a local folder.

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