ProPresenter Advice and Evaluation

Hello ALL,
I need some serious help here.
For a long time, I have been an avid Open Source Software user.
However, lately our Screen Monkey software has been very buggy with the various Windows 10 updates.
Therefore, I am looking to go with ProPresenter.
Here is my issue:
Our church is not a planned church at all. When it comes to scripture, we have roughly 3 seconds to find a scripture and get it on the screen.
Currently, we type in the scripture with autocomplete fields, tab to select the chapter, then tab to select the verse. And BOOM. Scripture is on the screen.

Also, Screen Monkey is a Windows Manipulation program. We can adapt “Layers” to different shapes and sizes. A full screen video can be played in lower thirds or played in a triangle.

Can I Do This With Pro Presenter?
I will pay for it, as long as it’s under $1k.

I’m not trained at all in ProPresenter, so is this something I can train teenagers to do in a week?

While our services and sermons are planned out in advanced for pro presenter purposes, there is a bible button that you can click then type in the scripture reference then copy to current document (a button) then click the slide that was created. Sounds more challenging than it actually is. I’d suggest downloading and evaluating. We use pro presenter on macs although I have used a pc in the past to create a presentation then export it to a mac.

I agree with bcrawley. The only way to tell if it ProPresenter will fit your needs is to evaluate it. We use it on both Mac and PC and there is no loss of functionality on either OS.
I would advise to bump the memory up to at least 8GB on PC and if possible, replace the spinning drive with an SSD if it’s is your budget. ProPresenter does seem to use more resources on PC than on Mac; at least in my opinion and observations.

I hope this helps.

Also, just as a friendly reminder, Windows 7 extended support (Security patching and reliability patching) is still active until January 14, 2020. So if you need to run on an older supported system for a little longer you can do so without fear!

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@Newburns, My personal opinion is that ProPres has no rival… for the most part. Its reliable and robust. I think its only real weakness is pulling up random, in-the-moment, scriptures like you described. That said, you should definitely evaluate it like @bcrawley and @abaker suggest. It may work for you.

If finding scriptures quickly is your primary concern then you may look at EasyWorship. Its not nearly as robust as ProPres but I’ve found it to be the best product for finding scriptures. If fact, your exact scenario was exactly what caused us to take so long to finally bite the bullet and upgrade from EW to PP.