ProPresenter 7 Slides Setup Upgrade

Looking to upgrade our graphics setup and make it more reliable. We currently use a MacBook running ProPresenter 7 and DisplayLink into a docking station. That goes to a projector for the audience, a confidence projector in the back for the band, and the switcher for the livestream. There’s been some difficulty and inconsistency with DisplayLink week to week and I’d like to move on from it.

I’m looking for advice on a replacement to using DisplayLink. The Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2 seems promising, but I’m not completely sold on going to SDI yet. Any thoughts? I drew up a quick diagram of our current system if that helps as well

We use the Decklink cards, they are really nice. We actually have 2 of the Decklink Duos and Sonnet Enclosures running off a Mac Studio. We have 6 different outputs from ProPresenter.

Decklinks are great as long as you dont plan to use Keynote or Powerpoint and are only going to use ProPresenter. We could never get the Decklink cards to work with Keynote or Powerpoint. We have a separate MacBook Pro that we will use if someone comes in last minute with a presentation we can’t run through ProPresenter.

We have tried DisplayLink in the past and its been sketchy. You have to plug in your HDMI cables in a certain order and displays can switch around when you reboot sometimes. At least that was our experience.

Decklinks and SDI has been so much more reliable in our experience.

Thanks for the input. I 100% agree about DisplayLink moving displays around, seems like a weekly occurrence. I’m definitely leaning towards the Decklink cards, and will probably go that route