Propresenter 6 and Windows 10


I just built a new PC to replace a late 2013 iMac. I went with an i7 and a 1060 GTX graphics card and 16GB ram.

Propresenter is very buggy and doesn’t respond quite often. It chops up the video and responds very slowly to text searchs.

I know it’s only running 32bit, but there is plenty of RAM for it to use… Is there anything I can do to make this run more reliably?

(Alex Conner) #2

The problem with building a machine instead of buying one off the shelf is the money you aren’t spending up front, you’ll be spending on doing the integration work yourself. Make sure all you drivers, firmwares, BIOSes, OS, ProPresenter, etc. are all up to date, and start with validating the machine works properly otherwise. The normal culprits, Cinebench, Realbench, Unigen Heaven & see if you results match what others get with those components. Make sure your memory speeds are correct, and that you don’t have any bad parts. The last one the only way I’ve been able to test is with another whole machine’s worth of parts…

It sounds like either you have Bad RAM, a motherboard issue, a disk controller issue, a disk firmware issue or a bad disk or cable.

(Andy Baker) #3

Hi Matthew,
I beefed up one of my ProPresenter 6 Windows machines with 16 GB RAM, a GTX 1030, and an SSD. I get complaints that PP6 is slow to load, and slow when searching for files to pull into the library. Alex recommended some good points about updates to machine and PP6.
Renewed Vision also recommends this setting for choppy video if you have an NVidia graphics card.

I checked it in my settings, and this setting was already off.
In my experience, ProPresenter seems to function better on a Mac.


Thanks for the reply.

Every other program I’ve thrown at this build runs flawlessly. All my
drivers are up to date, and I have no bloatware, or other programs running
in the background. The most the graphics card and processor have been
taxed running PP is 7% while using virtually no memory <4GB.

I will check another machine to compare.


(Brad Crawley) #5

I’ve always found the windows version of PP6 to be flaky. It runs solid on any Mac I’ve ever used. Even 7-8 year old iMacs.


The iMac I am replacing wouldn’t run live video and lower thirds without
locking up, even though Renewed Vision assured me it would…