Program to track what songs are played most?

Hello everyone. I am curious if there is a program that tracks worship songs that are played. How many times they are played and show stats of the songs?

I have a list i keep track of the songs we play that could be exported as an .xml file but the songs are hand typed in. I use this program linked below and specifically have to use the Meetings tab to keep track of the songs we do on sundays.(

I was wondering if there was a way I could export the xml file and somehow have excel pull the data. The one issue I see with this is since its hand typed in off the bat, the song might be spelled incorrectly or not uniform every time (ex: Anchor vs anchor vs anchor -video vs anchor (skillet) ) where I would need excel to somehow pull everything for ‘anchor’ and include all of those in the results.

What is typed in the meeting tab is something like this:

  1. Go the distance by Matty Mullins

  2. He still does

  3. Champion (video)

  4. New Today -power point

I understand there is probably nothing that could work but I didn’t know if I could kind of create my own thing with a few different tools. Figured i’d ask and see if any one had any ideas.