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We are a church with K-12 school. Our school leadership has changed and we are looking at building out budgets for all areas. My question is, if you are also in a church supported private school, especially i the south east, I would really appreciate if you could share with me some information. I have been tasked with getting some averages of the following:

  1. Enrollment (Total students enrolled in all grade levels)
  2. IT Equipment Budget
  3. IT Human Resource Budget
  4. Number of Techs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



So we started a private school that runs pre-school through 8th grade. We spun them off as a separate entity 20+ years ago, but I have regular contact with them and can answer some of the questions for this school.

  1. Enrollment: 285 (85 preschool, 100 K-5, 100 6-8)
  2. IT Equipment Budget: $20K/year
  3. IT Human Resource Budget: $80,000
  4. Number of Techs: 1FTE (Were doing this with one FT employee, now moving to a consulting contract)

This is in the San Francisco Bay Area where the cost of living is high.

Thanks Mark for the input!

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Our school had been part of a church but moved location and went independent a year ago, but most answers would still apply.

  1. Enrollment (Total students enrolled in all grade levels)
    205 PK-8
  2. IT Equipment Budget
    Not quite sure, we mostly use Auxiliary Funds from State of Ohio for Smartboards, Chromebooks, etc. Expenditures vary widely by year, depending on upgrade needs.
  3. IT Human Resource Budget
    Not sure here either. Duties would include full range of IT: Servers, network, WiFi, phones, computers, Smartboards, Chromebooks, security system.
  4. Number of Techs.
    Myself, part time. There would really not be a need for full time tech, UNLESS they also taught tech and typing.

Here is my school email if you wish to communicate further:

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Thanks for your response Greg!

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