Privacy concerns in livestream

We have been livestreaming for over a year. Our cameras are all to the back of the congregation and we sometimes give a side shot of the room to show the perspective of what’s going on in the room during singing, etc. We have a congregant who has had relatives comment that, “it was great to see you and the kids on camera on Sunday…”. This congregant is very concerned about invasion of privacy and where can they sit to be out of camera range and so forth.
Have you dealt with this or do you have a policy regarding it? Or some form of public notice that you may be seen?

Having some sort of public notice is probably the best way to deal with this. “This is a broadcast venue/The service is being recorded/etc. If you don’t want to be recorded, go to ______ or ask an usher”


Tim, what is required as far as postings vary from state to state, so you should look into the requirements for your state. I think it is a reasonable request to have an area designated that will not be shown on camera. There is always the possibility to have people come who are in witness protection, have someone stalking them, have a restraining order (temporary or otherwise), a relative they are trying to avoid, or are just plain camera shy.

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I like Ben’s idea. One time when someone texted me during the service that they saw me. We moved back a couple of rows to avoid the cameras.

We have a notice as part of our pre-service video loops and posted signs outside our auditorium. Additionally, if I recall correctly, we direct people who do not want to be on camera to sit in front of our sound booth, which is never included in video shots.

We have signs as they walk in that mention that they will be recorded on film. I dont believe we have the same signs on our balcony or mezzanine levels though.

For a second I read this as “we direct people to sit IN the sound booth” and thought, well that’s one way to get volunteers!

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