Printix or PrinterLogic?

Looking for a general opinion of Printix vs. PrinterLogic and maybe a recommendation based on our environment:

  • Xerox MFPs
  • Two Xerox MFPs with Fiery servers (which we do actively use)
  • Total of 16 printers
  • 80ish users - not sure how many are active print users
  • Mix of Windows and Mac
  • Azure AD
  • Currently using Xerox Standard Accounting to track per-department chargebacks for print costs, and we need to continue tracking. Users need to be able to choose/enter an account because many of them print to different accounts depending on the project.
  • Printix
  • PrinterLogic

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Of the two, printix.

However - if accounting is really important to you I’d probably look at papercut.

While Printix/Printerlogic are technically agnostic to accounting, they don’t have many/any tools to automate the deployment of accounting codes / etc. So you often times still need to hands-on to get things setup and working.

Papercut is all about accounting. If it’s important to your org, that probably justifies its additional costs and management overhead /vs/ Printix. HIVE is their hosted product with native AAD hooks.

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I’d go with Printix. Now, it’s not entirely accurate that Printix won’t handle accounting, it’s no Papercut by a long shot, but will handle provisioning PINs, record usage, and all that:

However, it is limited to some specific makes and models from Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, and Ricoh… no Xerox unfortunately. :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestions, y’all!

Has anybody used the Papercut Hive product? looks pretty cool not sure how it compares to the others feature / cost wise…

FWIW, there was a great discussion on printix and hive yesterday in the CITN discord :slightly_smiling_face:. Come on in, the water is fine :wink:.

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An update for posterity: I am running a Printix trial right now. I am able to continue using the Xerox Standard Accounting by setting the queue driver default configuration to turn on accounting. It prompts for the account code when the user is printing just like before. This is before it gets passed to Printix. I’m able to hold for printing later or cloud print and it passes the Xerox accounting code with the print job.

Consequently, this is also the same way I’m enforcing default black and white printing.