Printing Service Agreements: Price per copy

Hi, It’s been 5 years and is time for new shared Multi-Function-Printer. We currently have a Xerox 7855 which has been a wonderful work horse, but is on it’s last legs. The contract is up and it’s time for a new work horse MFP and this time we are expanding and providing a small copier for general use. The MFP will be housed in a more secure location and then a smaller B/W copier will be available for general walk-up use. I’d love to see what Make and Model and Price per Copy that your churches are currently happy with. (We have looked at purchasing and it is not something we can do at this time.)

.07/color and .01/bw … actually, I think the bw is less than .01, but close enough :blush:

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We have a Xerox J75 that we currently have and pay .05 color and <.01 bw.

We have some smaller units that are between 0.06-0.07 cents for color and 0.01 on bw.

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$0.05 color and $0.008 b/w.

A good side question for this group might be - what controls/processes do you implement to keep people using b/w for most jobs instead of color?

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We just signed a new lease Q4 2017. Before that, we had a lease with KMBS (Konica Minolta Business Solutions). We’re at a bit of a different scale, as we have 1 production copier, 3 Color MFP’s, and 1 BW MFP (we rarely send any print jobs out)
I went through the full process of getting bids from different vendors. It came down to two different local Konica Minolta dealers (KMBS & CDS Technologies) and a local Xerox dealer.
It was a bit of an odd situation, as typically you don’t get two dealers from the same manufacturer bidding. We ended up sticking with KMBS.

I would counsel that you separate service (per click) and lease costs. We’ve found this to put the organization in the best financial position. We also prefer no monthly minimums. We have found the lowest rates are available in our area if we go through a 2-step process: 1. Get quotes from multiple vendors, and 2. Reduce the # of vendors to just 2-4, notify them they made the cut, and get final bids from them (we don’t let vendors see other’s numbers, just let them know if they want to adjust anything, this is the final step. Then make a decision.

Rates and models:

  • $0.04 for color and $0.006 for BW (w/ 10% rate increases in years 4 & 5 of the lease)
  • Leased Production: AccurioPress C2060
  • Leased Workgroup MFP: qty 1 Bizhub C308 (Color) & qty 2 Bizhub C458 (Color)
  • Owned Workgroup MFP: qty 1 Bizhub 501 (B&W only, sold to us by KMBS for $1 in 2013)

We have also just implemented Papercut MF to simplify and improve the management, accountability, tracking, accounting, and Google Cloud Print environment (for these copiers and our printers).

Re @bhollern comment… we often default printing and/or copying at the machine to B&W, and make the person select color when they print.

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