Power adapter mystery

COVID has finally killed our Terminal Servers/RDS. That’s fine because our thin clients were due to be replaced this year anyway. Most are between 10-15 years old.

Here’s the mystery: In the past, when I would look for thin clients on ebay, I’d often find good deals but none of the ebay thin clients included the power adapter. Since the adapters came with the original unit, why would someone keep the adapter but sell the thin client? Is there value in the adapters?

I see them for sale on ebay for around $10. I am not inclined to bother with selling on ebay. But, I’m wondering if I should be holding onto the adapters for my own use or perhaps finding somewhere to donate them.

The brick may very well be relevant but in my experience, the end that goes into the device is usually pretty proprietary - different thicknesses, different lengths, different opening sizes and shapes.

By the end of January, I’ll have about 50 – mostly in 3 form factors. I am not married to either idea - keeping them or recycling them. (Lately, due to the pandemic, I find myself exhausted by everything.)


Many modern thin clients are PoE powered. But more to your question the power supplies are often more standardized than you think. Barrel size is typically related to voltage, with polarity and amperage being the variable. That said, I probably wouldn’t find it worth my time to try and sell them. It would cost way more in time than I could ever make unless I sold them as a complete lot.

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