Potential Weather Issues from Hurricane Matthew

(Alex Conner) #1

It’s not entirely clear if the storm will make landfall this weekend, but there is still a good chance to impact air travel to the region.

Hurricane Matthew: Here are scenarios for the USA - USA Today

Storm Track

(Brian Elias) #2

Thanks for posting. Any word from the powers-that-be on whether or not the conference is still happening?

(Will Polley) #3

@belias21 Anderson is in the top left of SC. There is likely to be very little affected due to weather. Unless you plan on flying into CHS or MYR and driving several hours.

(Alex Conner) #4

Yeah, it doesn’t look like the storm will affect the actual event, but it may cause some travel difficulties.

(Alex Conner) #5

Updated forecast:
5-day forecast

(Jason Powell) #6

@belias21 Conference will operate as normal. We may have a little more rain than normal :slight_smile:

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(Brian Elias) #7

Great, thanks for the update!

(Alex Conner) #8

Matthew is smiling at us.

(Jason Powell) #9

FWIW, Newspring peeps telling us their forecast currently shows 0% chance of rain :slight_smile:

(Alex Conner) #10

Updated storm track

This will be a very serious storm for the folks along the cost. Please keep those people in your prayers.

(Alex Conner) #11

For reference, the weather and hosts were amazing. Closing this thread.

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