Possible Church Dangers in G-Suite & O365?

Anecdotal evidence suggests some countries force Google & Microsoft to open their hosted data to their governments. If true, hosted church data or email by them could endanger missionaries & pastors in sensitive regions!
Can you shed factual light on this? Please email me (nick@mbsinc.com). Thanks!

For O365, only the China tenant which is not hosted by Microsoft does that. So if a person is using O365 in a tenant that is based in Singapore, USA, Europe, etc. then no, access requests are rejected by default and users are notified of warrants requesting data.

This is worth reading if you have concerns:

If you still have concerns, the tin-foil hat solution is AIP HYOK:

Not for the sysadmin who is faint of heart obviously, but if you absolutely didn’t trust Microsoft then that’s one way to go.


Yep, that’s the one hosted in China. Important to note that those are completely disconnected from the rest of the Microsoft O365/M365/Azure datacenters to the point that I as a CSP can’t even deploy tenants or licenses for those 21Vianet tenants.

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